Summer Training Intensive

The annual Baguazhang Summer Training Intensive is a five-day/four-night immersive experience near Baltimore.  Daily activities include: morning warm up exercises, Chi Gong, meditation, circle-walking for health, combat-circle walking, empty hand forms training, classical weapons training, self-defense training and lectures by Master Park Bok Nam.

The intensive is held on the pristine grounds of the Old Field’s School and room and board are included in the package price.  The Baguazhang Summer Training Intensive is once a year opportunity to deepen your practice by learning directly from Master Park and his experienced senior instructors.  In addition, it gives practitioners a chance to associate with Baguazhang students from throughout US and abroad.

The Intensive is open only to current Chinese Boxing Academy students and current students of sister schools.  If you think you would like to attend, contact Shifu Hatza for the specifics.



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