I have been studying Pa Kua Chang under SHIFU Greg Hatza for a little over six years now, as well as several other styles of Martial Arts in the Baltimore area. This style of Kung Fu provides its practitioners with great benefits in combative attributes, health, philosophical insights as well as sound self-principles for natural movement and self-defense. SHIFU Greg does a wonderful job relating this traditional art to students from all walks of life in a laid-back atmosphere that allows for self-paced learning and emphasizes individual progress. I’d highly recommend studying with Greg to anyone interested in learning a classical, yet practically applicable form of Chinese Boxing in the Baltimore area.


So far I have been studying with SHIFU Hatza for about 11 years now. I haven’t found a more complete art then Pa-Kua as well as an extremely patient and humble teacher. Pa-Kua offers dual aspects that you don’t see in many martial arts. The emphasis is on balance of both the external and internal. In Pa-Kua you learn to develop your body in addition to learning to harness the power of your own chi. If your looking for a lifetime art Pa-Kua is the one for you.


This amazing art is known for its versatile footwork and devastating palm strikes. I am a new student, practicing with SHIFU Greg for 6 months, and in that time he has shown me how to build a strong foundation to grow from. SHIFU Greg is very good at demonstrating how these martial skills may apply in real life situations and the reasons why we do them that way. The Chinese Boxing Academy has changed my life for the better, thanks Greg!


An excellent Chinese internal martial art that combines Qi gung exercise with sound combat practice taught by an instructor with over 30 years of martial arts expertise, SHIFU Greg Hatza. The Chinese Boxing Academy has provided me with tools to maintain good health, flexibility, stress management, as well as providing an excellent portfolio of un-armed combat techniques.


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