Baltimore Tai Chi or Crossfit?

You may have seen groups of people performing Tai Chi in parks or other settings. This is a slow moving, intentional practice that takes parts of Chinese medicine and combines it with martial arts and philosophy. How can something this slow and mindful compare to modern exercise programs like Crossfit?

Experts have been studying the positive effects of Tai Chi and have come up with some startling answers. They have determined that there are many health benefits to this art form, and just as beneficial as any fitness program.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Actually, when it comes to Tai Chi, research has shown that it helps with more than just physical health. There is a lot of health benefits that come with the practice such as:

● A sharper mind

● Improved vaccine response

● Higher immunity to viruses

● Lower chances of depression

● Less insomnia

● Reduction of inflammation and other illnesses

These are some of the different benefits people have experienced from this practice. There are many other reasons that people enjoy doing this.

Reach Fitness Goals With Tai Chi

Some research has proven that Tai Chi can bring the same benefits as other types of strenuous exercise like Crossfit, walking, jogging, and other movements. It can improve lung health and endurance, even in adults that are already healthy.

How Does A Low Impact Routine Carry So Many Health Benefits?

Morning Tai ChiIt doesn’t seem to make sense that such a low impact routine like Tai Chi would carry so many health benefits. When you see people practice this art form, it is slow, meticulous and seemingly boring. One would surmise that it couldn’t bring about the same level of health benefits as high intensity cardio.

One of the things research has shown is that Tai Chi requires you to tune into your mind more so than even yoga. The physiological impacts aren’t explained by the physical activity, but rather the mindful and meditative components.

Who Tai Chi Benefits Most

Everyone can benefit from practicing this art form. Some people should consider adding this type of exercise into their lives. Prime candidates include:

1. Helps Those That Struggle With Sit and Breath Forms of Meditation

For some people, typical sit-and- breathe forms of meditation are hard to accomplish. They

struggle to keep their minds focused on mindfulness. Combining the hand movements of Tai Chi with the mindfulness allows a participant to stay focused.

2. Improves Balance and Flexibility

For those that want the benefits of yoga or Pilates, Tai Chi can be a good solution. The
movements are meticulous and slow. This type of practice improves a person’s flexibility and general balance. Those are great benefits to aging generations.

3. Low Impact For Elderly

Elderly or sick adults can practice Tai Chi, even if they are unable to do more vigorous types of activities. For those that can’t walk well, lift light weights, or other typical low impact exercises, Tai Chi is a solution. Since you use your own body weight for the movements, it is even more low impact than other options.

4. Reduce Stiffness

Whether a person is stiff on account of age, arthritis, or injury, this practice can be highly
beneficial. Studies have shown that those who practice Tai Chi generally experience less

5. Calming and Stress Relieving

Many people choose to exercise because it is a great stress relief and calms them. Depending on the type of exercise you do will determine if you can reach this level of relief. Some people become overwhelmed with traditional exercise. That is why this practice can be so beneficial to them.

Baltimore Tai Chi classes may not be the right solution for everyone, but it is worth investigating. You might be surprised at how your health improves by incorporating this art form into your health routine.

The main goal is to do things you enjoy that improve your quality of life.

If you are not someone that enjoys more rigorous exercises like Crossfit and other high impact cardio, this might be a great solution for you.

*Inspiration for this post was taken from a Time article.  Follow the link to see the original story.


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