Baltimore Tai Chi or Crossfit?

You may have seen groups of people performing Tai Chi in parks or other settings. This is a slow moving, intentional practice that takes parts of Chinese medicine and combines it with martial arts and philosophy. How can something this slow and mindful compare to modern exercise programs like Crossfit? Experts have been studying the…
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Health News – Tai Chi May Become a Recommended Prescription

Recently the BBC wrote a piece expounding the health benefits of an ancient Chinese martial art.  Tai Chi is a form of Chinese Kung Fu that is renowned for its health benefits. Traditionally, it has been practised by non-martial artists as well to relieve stress and anxiety. As of late, there has been a mounting…
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The Meaning of Kung Fu

In popular American usage, “kung fu” is often used in reference to any of a number of Chinese martial arts styles. But in fact, the word has a much deeper meaning. Origin The term “kungfu,’ or “gongfu” is a combination of two Chinese words - 功 (gōng) and 夫 (fū). On its own, gōng means…
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