Copies Of The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Volume 1 For Sale

The Fundamentals Of Pa Kua Chang Volume One For SaleThe Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Volume 1

Volume one is an essential work for serious Baguazhang practitioners. Considered by many to be one of the very best books written on the subject of Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang).

Unfortunately, the text is currently out of print and used copies of these books can fetch astronomical prices.  The copies in the Chinese Boxing Academy store are all used copies in good condition and are reserved for serious practitioners of Baguazhang as well as those with sincere interest in the subject.  

Product description:

Park Bok Nam began training under Master Lu Shui T’ien in Inchon, Korea, in 1960, where there was a large Chinatown, until 1987, when he moved to the United States and started teaching the method to eager students here.

All Martial Artists can now learn to develop the skills that made the Pa Kua Chang fighter famous in China, including:

  • Highly evasive footwork
  • Powerful palm strikes
  • Snake-like body movements
  • Lightning fast combinations
  • Chi kung
  • Health and longevity

Every aspect of fundamental training in order to gain skill as a complete Pa Kua Chang fighter is described in this book with photos and illustrations. Also included are valuable health maintenance, breathing and meditation exercises.

Price: $40

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