Health News – Tai Chi May Become a Recommended Prescription

Recently the BBC wrote a piece expounding the health benefits of an ancient Chinese martial art.  Tai Chi is a form of Chinese Kung Fu that is renowned for its health benefits. Traditionally, it has been practised by non-martial artists as well to relieve stress and anxiety. As of late, there has been a mounting compilation of health studies illustrating that this art form has the ability to address certain medical conditions.

Tai Chi as Prescriptive Medicine

Data has been collected from over 30 different medical studies that have been conducted to determine the health benefits of Tai Chi. Dr. Yi-Wen Chen’s studies have shown that this form of exercise has proven to be effective for elderly patients that have chronic conditions.

Chen and some of his colleagues believe that Tai Chi will eventually be used as prescriptive medicine for patients in the future.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Among the research, there have been studies that show these health concerns have shown improvement from patients that implemented Tai Chi as part of their routines.

These findings include:

  •     Reduce the risk of falls in elderly patients
  •     Improve the quality of life for COPD patients
  •     Physical benefit for breast cancer patients
  •     Heart failure patients increase quality of life
  •     Reduces pain from arthritis

With these findings, hopefully more mainstream medical professionals may begin prescribing this as a way to treat specific conditions. In fact, we are already starting to see this as we occasionally get new Baltimore Tai Chi students that were recommended by their health practitioners.  

Other Reasons to Implement This Form of Exercise

In addition to the health benefits for chronic illnesses, there are other reasons to implement Tai Chi in your routine. It can improve balance, posture, muscle power and numerous other benefits making it truly a life changing art.  

To see the full article follow the link below.


* When learning an art like this, the quality of instruction in paramount.  Greg Hatza, the progenitor of the Chinese Boxing Academy is a lineage disciple of Park Bok Nam and has over 45 years of Tai Chi and martial arts experience. In addition, many of the students of the Academy can attest to both the value of his instruction and the benefit of practicing this wonderful art.  If you are interested in learning Tai Chi for health reasons or looking to take your practice to the next level, feel free to drop us a line or sign up for a free class.


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