Tai Chi


Yang Luchan

Yang Luchan

Learn Yang Family Tai Chi

The Chinese Boxing Academy teaches traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan offering:

Long Form, Fighting Applications, Push Hands, Standing Meditation, and Tai Chi Straight Sword.

The 103 movement form is taught in the tradition of Yang Zhen Duo, 4th generation Yang family.


Shifu Greg Hatza Chinese Boxing Academy

Shifu Greg Hatza

Learning Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan develops balance, coordination, chi energy circulation, concentration, and focus. It is a great exercise for reducing stress and tension.

Overall body well being can be achieved when the yin-yang energies are in harmony. It will bring balance and circulation to one’s life force energy (chi), which in turn will nourish the organs and major systems of the body.

It is prescribed by many Chinese doctors along with accupuncture and herbs for treating many ailments.

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