Private Martial Arts Lessons

SHIFU Greg Hatza Chinese Boxing Academy Baltimore

SHIFU Greg Hatza

Learn Directly From a Master. Experience How Kung Fu Will Enhance and Permeate Every Aspect of Your Life.

Traditionally Kung Fu was taught this way, from Master to pupil, from Father to son. SHIFU Hatza meticulously transmits his martial knowledge as he was taught with patience and attention to detail.

Training privately with a master gives students an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the philosophy, spirit and application of their Kung Fu skills, which often cannot be disseminated in-group setting.

Additionally students with demanding work–life schedules or who travel can continue to progress through private training.


  • Ba Gua Zhang – Eight Direction Palm
  • Xíngyìquán – Mind-Body Boxing
  • Tai Ji Quan – Grand Ultimate Fist
  • Qi Gong – Energy Cultivation for Health, Longevity and Martial Power

Shifu Hatza has over 40 years of training in the Martial Arts which is an accomplishment not easily found in America, in addition to being a living testament of how a life of this training benefits Body, Mind and Spirit.

Call or email us at info@pakuachang.com to schedule private lessons with SHIFU Hatza.

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