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Tonic Alchemy
Tonic Alchemy

Tonic Alchemy™ is your daily assurance for a perfect diet. With 91 amazing ingredients, Tonic Alchemy™ is the source of thousands of phyto-nutrients. Tonic Alchemy™ is a remarkable, cutting edge blend of superfoods, premium tonic herbs, organic fruits and vegetables, and probiotics from all around the world – from the cleanest oceans, to the most bio-diverse rainforests, to the world’s most remote mountains. Ingredients come from almost every continent and every type of environment on earth. These superfoods are so nutrient dense that just a tablespoon a day of Tonic Alchemy™ blended with a liquid will provide more high quality nutrition and phytochemical support than most Americans assimilate in an entire day.

Tonic Alchemy™ is delicious and easy to prepare. You will look forward to each opportunity to enjoy this life-giving superfood matrix. Every serving is a step toward radiant health, including the potential to slow down aging itself.

• The ingredients in Tonic Alchemy™ have been collected from the highest mountains in the world (including the Himalayas, Heaven Mountain, Changbai Mountain, the Ural Mountains, etc.), from remote deep blue oceans, and from pristine forests, deserts and jungles throughout the world. Only the finest available ingredients are included in Tonic Alchemy™.

• Tonic Alchemy™ is a dietary source of literally thousands of useful phytonutrients including natural B vitamins (normally not readily available from vegan sources) from Ashitaba and Hydrilla super green foods. Tonic Alchemy™ also includes the 20 greatest vegan supertonic herbs from around the world. Tonic herbs are consumed throughout the world on a daily basis to promote radiant health. Herbs like wild Siberian Chaga, mountain grown Duanwood Reishi, organic Ginseng from Changbai Mountain in remote Manchuria, Ashwaganda from the foothills of the Himalayas, two varieties of Rhodiola (one from Tibet and another from Siberia), and so on.

• Tonic Alchemy™ nourishes the whole body by increasing balanced energy and vitality, supporting detoxification, boosting immune responses, building the blood, increasing activity and quantity of antioxidants and enzymes, and much more.

• Tonic Alchemy™ can be your dietary foundation for radiant health, traditionally defined in Asia as “health beyond danger.” From a tonic perspective, Tonic Alchemy™ abundantly tonifies all three Treas- ures, Jing, Qi and Shen. Tonic Alchemy is vibrant LIFE FORCE IN A BOTTLE.

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Eight Immortals
Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals is a powerful anti-aging formulation. The formula contains eight premier tonic herbs of the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia. Each ingredient is in its own right is a superior grade herbal substance but together they form a tonic that builds all the three treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen) and regulates all twelve organ systems as outlined in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a complete and balanced formula.

This exceptional elixir is a highly concentrated 8:1 tincture containing wild Chinese and American Ginseng, wild mountain and Duanwood Reishi, wild Schizandra, wild Snow Lotus, high grade Cordyceps, wild Tibetian Rhodiola and premium grade He Shou Wu. Because most of the ingredients in this tonic are sourced from the wild it also makes for great fuel for spiritual growth.

Eight immortals is a highly adaptogenic formulation. Meaning all the ingredients help to resist stress, strengthen the mind, fortify the body's immunity capacity, lift the spirit and provide defense against aging. These herbs also have profound effect on the skin helping to maintain a youthful appearance. If you want to experience the best of tonic Chinese herbalism, build all three treasures, increase vitality, improve mental focus and build immunity this is the formula for you.

Ingredients: Wild Chinese Ginseng root, Wild American Ginseng root, Wild Red Reishi fruiting body, Duanwood Reishi fruiting body, Tibetean Rhodiola root, Tibetan Cordyceps, Schizandra fruit, Lycium fruit, Snow Lotus flower, Polygonum multiflorum root.

Traditional Function: Builds Jing, Qi and Shen and helps regulate all 12 organ systems.

Goji and Schizandra
Goji and Schizandra

The herbs in this formula are known anti-aging herbs. They assist in: keeping the skin youthful and the eyes bright, detoxification, healthy energy levels, mental power as well as other benefits associated with youthful vigor. Schizandra is a truly remarkable herb within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because by itself it tonifies all three Treasures: Jing, Chi and Shen. It also contains all five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter. These five flavors in turn correspond to the five elements of Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Water. This is important because each of the five elements correlate with a major organ system as denoted by TCM. Schizandra is said to enter all twelve meridians as well. An amazing herb!

As of late Goji has been recognized by the west as a super fruit for its astonishing nutritional profile and off the charts ORAC (anti-oxidant) value. However, the Chinese have known of the benefits of consuming Goji since at least its mention in the Materia Medica of Shen Nong dating back to the 1st century B.C.

Individually these two herbs have substantial health promoting properties but combined make a truly unique tonic formulation.

Traditional Functions: Promote superior health on every level, fortify mind and body. Nurture Yin. Promote adaptability. Help to maintain a happy mood.

Contains: Goji and Schizandra

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