Xing Yi Quan Kung Fu | Baltimore Internal Martial Arts

Xing Yi Kung Fu Baltimore Seminar

Shifu Greg Hatza

Xingyi Quan (also written as Hsing-yi Chuan) is a traditional Chinese martial art. Developed in the 17th century by a retired general named Ji JiKe, it is a blend of Shaolin and military training methods and techniques. General Ji was very highly skilled at spear techniques, and he based the foundation movements of the system on the mechanics and postures of the Chinese spear.  The basic movements of the system appear outwardly simple, but the physical demands are quite intense and the body mechanics quite sophisticated. Xingyi Quan training is usage oriented – the student is expected to drill simple movements for economy of motion, reaction, and application. More advanced training is based on animal-like movements, emphasizing lively and quick movements that include slipping, ducking, and effective footwork to evade, counter, and strike.  


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